5+ Cool Ways to Make Creative Business Cards

Business cards are a fantastic way to connect with people who can help advance your web design career. They save you the time of transferring contact information digitally, and their tangibility makes them a powerful reminder of you.

Best of all, business cards can be a preview of your design capabilities. They show off your talents in a concentrated area, helping clients imagine what you could do given the larger canvas of their website. Here are some cool customization techniques to make your card look utterly amazing:

Innovative cards: Imagery is taking over the world of business card design. Hi-res photos and illustrations can reveal who you are and what you do. If you want to take it a step farther, talk to your printer about using a custom die-cut that’s shaped like a mini product replica.

You can also manufacture your card in an unusual material (such as cloth, metal, or even beef jerky) that’s relevant to your business. This gives recipients a wake-up call, because it’s rare that someone gives them a non-paper card.

Traditional cards: You may prefer the look and shape of a traditional business card, and that’s totally acceptable as long as your card still looks unique and sophisticated. You can achieve a more streamlined look by limiting the amount of contact info you use and cleaning up the layout.

You can also choose cool imprint methods like foil stamping and embossing to give your design a little extra pizzazz, or select colors and typography that convey your brand’s personality and attract attention.

These amazing design options are brought to you by Company Folders. Not sure which one to try? Hire them to help you create the best business card for your brand.

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