7 Best Design Elements For A Business Logo

Creating a great logo for a business—whether it’s your freelance company or a client’s brand—takes a lot of work. Company Folders, a creative design company, has compiled their best advice for designing logos.

Through their years creating and researching logos, they’ve discovered that the best logos have 7 similarities. These traits occur in the symbols for famous brands from McDonald’s to Apple to Disney, and they can be best described as “practical” or “abstract.”

Abstract qualities: Abstract qualities depend on the company’s industry and target audience. They include audience appeal, uniqueness, timelessness, and newness. These are traits designers can’t necessarily see—they just innately know when something works.

If Apple’s bitten apple logo was for a produce company, it would seem generic. But it’s perhaps the most unique logo in the tech world, because no other firm uses food for its icon. It’s unique and innovative, yet it’s been in use for years. What’s more, the Apple logo is highly effective at appealing to the young tech users the brand targets.

Practical qualities: Practical qualities are all of the design elements that make up the logo; they’re what make the abstract qualities possible. These include things like simplicity, adaptability, color, shape, spacing, and typography.

These traits are the reason McDonald’s rounded golden arches have come to portray warmth and happiness. It’s nearly impossible to imagine eating at McDonald’s if its logo was blue or the M had pointed peaks; those features aren’t nearly as appetizing.

Now, you can learn how to combine these qualities into the perfect logo, complete with examples from more of your favorite brands.

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